Invest in Lviv Region

How it works

When considering doing business in Ukraine and looking for assistance and support in investing process in Ukraine discover how it works to cooperate with us.


We realized Your concerns.. 


  • Safety

  • Legislative base, taxation system, cooperation with authorities

  • Proper information and data concerning your activity (business sphere)

  • Indicators, prices, tariffs, suppliers and customers

  • Registration procedures, permissions, certificates

  • Location issues (office, production facilities, warehouses, plots)

  • Partners and associated counteragents (lawyers, accountants, consulters etc)

  • Staff availability and hiring

  • How much does it cost?

  • Cultural and lifestyle issues 


 ..and created simple step by step cooperation mechanism..

  • Contact us and ask about your concerns

  • Get fast response and preliminary solutions for your intentions

  • Set up a meeting with us and discuss all your requirements and needed services, get an offer

  • Make a decision to cooperate, sign an agreement

  • Get your services focused on quality responsibility and value for  money principle

  • Pay the bill

  • Evaluation process and feedbacks

  • Come back with a new project

 provide you best services..




What you get

Entry and contracting

- specifying what expectations you have;

 - figuring out how to get started  


- basic data for decision making process;

Basic consulting

- project evaluation;

- data collection (indicators, prices, tariffs legislation rules etc);

- market analysis;

- seeking for partners and involving them in building implementation strategy;

depends on

the scale of the project

and market researches

- report with all data prepared specially for your project needs;

- built step by step strategy of implementation of your project;

- collected list of partners for performing your project (lawyers, accountants, recruiting, real estate agencies etc)

Additional services

Legal and Accountant companies introduction

Search location for lease         

Staff services

Search for real estate and land owners

Search for investment projects



1 month rental fee

1 month salary



Best services with value for money




If any questions left - contact us